Fannin Ltd are proud to introduce the Fannin UK Ltd: Espiner Medical SuitORpass – the disposable suture passer and guide. Port-site complications can occur in 1% to 6% of cases. Since the first report of hernia development at a trocar site after laparoscopy, many techniques and devices have been introduced into practice to minimize this risk*.

SuitORpass Benefits:

  • Simple and efficient one-handed operation
  • Long, retractable grasping jaws to accommodate multiple sized sutures
  • Needle tip glides easily through the tissue
  • Ergonomic finger grooves & plunger end permits ease and control to manage grasper
  • Multiple clinical applications
  • Safety Sheath to increase staff safety against needle injury
  • Supplied with guide for additional control of placement of sutures

SuitORPass Brochure 

SuitORPass Instructions for Use