If you are looking for an accurate, easy method to detect sentinel nodes, you now have 2 choices.

With wires.


No dongles, no leads, no pins,
no connectors.
No recharging batteries.
No sleeves.


By eliminating all the parts that can break or go wrong, Neoprobe makes it easier to go to work, simply plug it in and you are ready to start.

The wireless Neoprobe with Bluetooth II technology operates without cords, pins or connectors. There is no requirement to charge a battery prior to each case.

The probe is designed for sterility for a minimum of 500 cycles and well beyond.

Unlike other probes on the Australian market, Neoprobe is designed around our AS4187.

Neoprobe is also software upgradeable, it will remain more reliable, more sensitive and state-of-the-art well into the future.

To find out what a difference the Neoprobe could make to your operations, contact
Customer Service Toll free 1300 201 027

Download Brochure (PDF)