LiNA SeaStar and Skinhooks



The LiNA SeaStar and LiNA Skin Hook is a complete system for retracting both delicate and solid tissue. The flexible design of the system allows easy adjustment and repositioning of the LiNA SeaStar during the surgical procedures and provides optimal exposure of the surgical site.

Safe Self-retaining

The LiNA SeaStar and LiNA Skin Hook is a self-retaining system freeing the hands of the surgeon and the surgical assistant to handle other tasks in the OR.


Broad range of LiNA SeaStar retractor rings

LiNA SeaStar

The LiNA SeaStar is provided in a broad range of shapes and sizes which can easily be adjusted to fit various anatomical areas, thereby facilitating different surgical applications e.g. vaginal and rectal surgery.

LiNA Skin Hook

By securing the LiNA Skin Hook on to the LiNA SeaStar the exposure of the incision is increased.
The flexible and elastic hook can be adjusted during the procedure to create optimum tension.
The LiNA Skin Hook is available with 3 different stainless steel hooks.