Powerful suction and irrigation system with electrosurgery applications


LiNA MaxFlow

  • Suction probe with relieving eyes and false-air regulator on suction handle designed for procedures where delicate suction is required

LiNA MaxFlow Endohook

  • Monopolar endohook with safety function for retraction of electrode tip into cannula. Designed for safe suction and irrigation when diathermy function is not in use


LiNA MaxFlow

  • Suction probe available in 5mm or 10mm, and 5mm extended length (370mm)
  • Choice of solely suction and irrigation function or supplement with accessory for monopolar or bipolar electrosurgical accessories available: LiNA MaxFlow Endohook and LiNA MaxFlow Blunt Coagulator

LiNA MaxFlow Endohook

  • 3 different electrode tips on monopolar endohook designed for precise dissection, cutting and coagulation in a variety of surgical applications

LiNA MaxFlow Blunt Coagulator

  • Possibility of
  • coagulation with bipolar energy while at the same time using S/I
  • immediate reaction to sudden bleeding
  • minimize thermal spread due to instant cooling


LiNA MaxFlow

  • Unique separate channel design in handle designed to reduce risk of blood clots or debris blockage
  • True 9mm direct flow through whole suction system when using a 10mm probe during suction and irrigation procedure
  • No need for frequent change of instruments during surgical procedure as suction, irrigation, dissection, coagulation and cutting is all in one instrument!

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